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SharePoint ActiveX Override (SPAXO)
by Larry Riemann and Randy Drisgill

UPDATE: This project is probably best suited for example purposes only, I think we have some updates to do before its production ready - Randy

Project Description
SPAXO is a solution that hides the Name.dll ActiveX warning which many public facing MOSS sites experience with IE7. This Feature adds Javascript that disables the warning via a .NET HTTPModule. Simply deploy and activate, no need to edit the master page.

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SPAXO Benefits
  • Overrides the Javascript that causes the Name.dll ActiveX message to show in IE7
  • Installs via SharePoint solution (WSP) and activated by a SharePoint Feature
  • No need to edit your master page or pages
  • Affects all pages of your site
  • Works with every master page
  • Works despite switching master pages
  • Can be turned off easily by de-activating the Feature

Project Details
Many public facing SharePoint websites exhibit this warning at the top of the page:
The Web site wants to run the following add-on: 'Name ActiveX Control' from 'Microsoft Corporation'. If you trust the Web site and the add-on and want to allow it to run, click here...

This message only shows in Internet Explorer 7 AND only when you are not visiting a trusted website. Most of the time developers of SharePoint sites do not see this message because by default websites that are local to their own domain are included in the trusted website list and thus do not show the message. Microsoft has a KB article about fixing the problem:

This fix involves editing a file on the server file system, and has been known not to work for everyone. Because of this I released a simple Javascript file that could be included from custom master pages that overrides the ActiveX call. This does a great job of silencing the ActiveX message.

Despite this, many external SharePoint sites still have yet to apply the fix. Thus, this SPAXO was born. It uses the .NET HTTPModule to inject the Javascript override directly into the HTTP stream without editing the master page. The nice thing about this Feature is you can deploy it simply from the WSP file and can activate and deactivate it from the web interface. Another nice thing about the Feature is that it will apply to all pages in your website no matter what master page is applied (custom or out of the box). Give it a while and let us know what you think in the discussions section.

NOTE: Using the Feature may technically put web applications that use it in an unsupported state because it is modifying the response that comes from SharePoint. If this becomes an issue, simply deactivate the Feature while diagnosing any issues.

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